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Ben Sherman, guitar

Ben Sherman, born in 1959, took up the guitar at age twelve and hasn't stopped since. benpicThe new jazz-fusion album ONE MIND is the third CD project involving this diverse, talented, veteran guitar player, and it's his most high energy, high-intensity offering yet!

Ben debuted his recording career with FIRST LIGHT , his 1998 independent release- a critically praised showcase for Ben's guitar talents in a primarily jazz-fusion setting. In FIRST LIGHT, Ben delivered a superb set of all instrumental originals, clearly showing the influence of Steve Morse, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, and more. It also features a Michael Hedges-inspired acoustic solo, and a lush multi-tracked rendition of Steve Hackett's "Horizons." Music Monthly Magazine selected Ben's "Chickenfish" for inclusion on its 1998 regional music compilation CD, MUSIC MONTHLY MUSIC .

The year 2000 marked the release of A WEDDING SAMPLER , featuring Ben on classical guitar along with long-time partner, flutist Marlee Lindon. This project features over 60 minutes of classical and light pop music, featuring Ben and Marlee's own arrangements of Vivaldi, Debussy and others.

The range of styles represented on these albums and the new CD, ONE MIND , are the result of Ben's lifelong passion for the guitar in all its diversity, and his relentless pursuit of excellence. Ben grew up listening to jazz, studying classical music and teaching himself rock and roll. Ben has racked up countless nights of gigs over the last 25 years with some of the best musicians in the Maryland region, in just about every style of music. A 1987 feature in Guitar Player Magazine's Spotlight on New Talent further cemented Ben's rep as a complete professional, first-rate guitarist for any situation.

Ben has been teaching private guitar lessons since 1984 at Coffey Music in Westminster MD.

Ben also offers a clinic/seminar program for guitarists interested in jazz-fusion guitar techniques.

Ben's gear includes:
Guitars: 1974 Fender Stratocaster, 1996 PRS Custom, Oribe Artesana classical, Wrangham steel string.
Amplification: Johnson Millenium JM150.

For more on Ben's influences and inspirations, read the in-depth interview at the Guitar Nine website.

Or visit Ben's website at